yare: set for action, ready, characterized by speed and agility, nimble, lively, handy, maneuverable. From Middle English, from Old English gearu; akin to Old High German garo: ready. First use: before 12th century.

To be offline or just having an old school webpage make people wonder whether you are out of business. Be yare!

Today looking good on the Internet is paramount. How is your Website looking — from a smart phone’s view?

How do you make Web content look good on all devices? It’s not artful design but yare solutions.

We are yare to help you!

What we do

We build your Website so that

  • your content can be viewed with all devices — from desktop computers to smart phones — with ease.
  • you can keep your content current yourself. You get a content management system.
  • you stay independent. If you ever have used a typical Web hosting service you will know how unique our offer is.
  • your Website can scale up or down with the market’s current demands.
  • your Website can be operated securely. Yare Solutions provides you with all you need to keep your Website’s data and its operations secure.

Please have a look at our Products and Services.

Yare Solutions not only builds Websites but can do a lot more for you. Do you need a secure e-mail server? No problem. A Web shop, complete with one or more payment systems of your choice? Yare Solutions can build it for you. Anything else? Just ask.

We can consult you and inform you on all your options, not only those ready-made by one specific company.

We are independent. We are systems administrators. We are programmers. We are ERP specialists. We are CRM, FI, HR, and Marketing experts. We do systems integration. We are certified. We can help you universally.

We empower you and set you free.


You ask. We help. Seriously.