We take a number of measures to provide you with the most secure systems possible. We start out at a simple truth: Security is not a property of a system but its processes. In other words, we help you set up the necessary business processes and technical processes to keep your IT systems secure.

Both the business processes and the technical processes involve the following principles.

  • Separation
  • Monitoring
  • Encryption
  • Data Minimization
Business Processes

Our Specialists help you analyzing your IT security needs and facilitate your decisions on setting up business processes accordingly. Our emphasis is on practicability, i.e. we help you setting up business processes that are designed to be both easy to follow and easy to maintain. Maintenance and endurance in following security related processes is key to effectiveness. Our help is suitable particularly for small businesses as we ourselves come form that setting with all its specifics. We also consult mid-sized and large corporations.

One of our un-IT-like strength is our ability to convince all involved personnel to accept and heed business processes that we set up for you. We create business processes that your personnel will value.

Technical Processes

Our system developers and system administrators setup for you the IT infrastructure you need to operate your entire IT securely. Our arsenal of methods and tools is vast, diverse, and effective — including unique things no attacker is prepared for. Most of all it is state of the art. We use standard methods. We use free software. We use our own developments of which no-one ever has heard of.

Technical processes we set up a preemptive and wide-ranging. In particular, they go beyond the expected. As such, we will not detail all of it here. You can expect that standards are followed, though. Thus, we protect you with firewall, monitoring, effective user separation, and up-to-date software systems. You can not expect that we entrust you on so-called industry leaders who’s back doors and not-so-secret standard passwords haunt their industries. When we design your security processes your systems are excluded from pandemics of this sort.


When it comes to security we are really open only to one thing: security audits. We prove that our systems can be securely operated.

Systems integration

We can integrate our systems with your existing business software, whichever you use. We also harden (secure) your existing systems broadly speaking, i.e. your IT systems, your business processes, and the people involved. We have experts not only in IT but also in business organization. Please let us know what we can do for you.