Technical Explanation of Our Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) we implement for you:

  • WordPress
  • Typo3
  • OpenCMS

CMSs routinely make use of data bases. Our standard choice is MariaDB but upon request we can also implement PostgreSQL or MySQL for you. For enhanced security reasons, we separate databases in a hardend container. We also take further measures on security that we discuss here.

WordPress and typo3 are php-based systems. Without containerization php has the disadvantage of low security, as in breach or data thefts. Due to our containerization this disadvantage is neutralized, however. WordPress is more popular which results for our customers in more available add-ons like, e.g., contact forms or 360° photograph players. Go for WordPress if you do not need sophisticated authorization chains but a wide variety of layout and content options. On the other hand, typo3 offers more professional role-based authorization chains. However, for customers with no experience with CMS it also poses a lot of learning costs.

OpenCMS is Java-based mmwith it’s own security risks. However, it has the most intuitive GUI. This comes with the cost of a larger memory footprint then, in particular, WordPress.

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